Who we are

Our company was created exclusively by experienced Greek Engineers geared towards offering high protection solutions against the major problem of theft and intrusion in private spaces. The Cerberus security systems are a result of extensive scientific studies and testing. The aim of the new generation Cerberus mechanisms is to ensure the right of every individual to feel safe inside his own property …


Greek facts: In Greece according to the Greek Police Department statistics, there has been an increase by 18% in burglaries in Attica over the last 2 years (14.547 in 2011 instead of 12.255 in 2010).
78% of the thefts occur through the “silent” intrusion of the exterior door according to the European records.
More than 14.500 houses never got the chance to be informed about the Cerberus security systems. Luckily you do!!


Our services include:
  Each room has its own needs.
   Dimensions, materials and
   quality are the three key
   construction components
   of your own Cerberus
   security system.
   Accuracy. Consistency. Trust.

   Quality and satisfied customers
   guarantee the proper use
   of our systems.

   In our company we value
   personal contact with the
   customer after installation.



The Cerberus security mechanisms are a unique patented invention.

Both the construction and installation of Cerberus mechanisms are made by skilled technicians.

Personal contact
It is very important for us to fully understand both yours and your homes as well as your workplace needs.

Security management
The Cerberus mechanisms have specific systems that cannot be violated and allow entrance/exit during emergencies.